Case 4
KoR Whitening
I am thoroughly impressed with the service and quality of work I have received from UltraSmile so far. They have been very professional and Dr Thang has the best chair side manners I know.

I like the fact that my teeth are looked after by one of the most qualified dentists in the UK. I feel that his consultations are not just cosmetic but holistic in nature, as he would consider the health of my teeth and gums, as well as the state of my bite (he is one of the highest qualified specialist on occlusion in the UK) during my consultation.

I went to visit Dr Thang for a simple tooth whitening and happened to complain about my headache that was bothering me that day. He offered to check my bite and as it turns out, because my teeth were slightly misaligned (my wisdom tooth had come through), I have been clenching and grinding my teeth. Dr Thang very quickly sorted this problem out and I no longer grind my teeth in my sleep. My headache\'s also gone.

Thank you, Dr Thang - saved me a packet on painkillers as well as unnecessary ingestion of drugs, and my teeth too as no doubt, if I\'d continue grinding my teeth, they\'d soon be ground down to nothing!

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