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Pain-Free AND Injection-Free Dentistry is now a reality at UltraSmile*
Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that kills all bacteria and viruses almost instantaneously. It has been widely used in medicine for this purpose.

The HEALOZONE is a device that produces and delivers ozone in a safe and controlled manner directly to a tooth. It eliminates the bacteria that causes tooth decay and prevents it from progressing any further.

Studies suggest that the portion of the tooth treated with ozone is stronger and less likely to succumb to tooth decay in the future. A twenty second application is all that is needed to eliminate 99.9% of the decay-producing bacteria.

The HEALOZONE is a wonderful choice for phobic patients and children as it is fast, painless and non-threatening. Injections and drilling are normally not required.

The HEALOZONE can also be applied to other dental procedures such as root canal therapy and the treatment of mouth ulcers and cold sores.

With just a 40s application of the HEALOZONE, the pain of an ulcer will subside immediately, by day 2 there is little or no pain or discomfort and by day , the ulcer is less to barely visible.
Ozone Is A Natural Destroyer Of Bacteria...
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