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The Wand
Pain-Free Dentistry is a reality at UltraSmile*
If the thought of sitting in a dental chair makes you feel anxious and afraid, you are not alone. Millions of people avoid the dentist every year and risk the health of their smile because of their fears.

At UltraSmile* we understand your fears of dentistry and can offer a variety of solutions to help you overcome them.

One solution is the use of The WAND, the comfortable alternative to the syringe. The WAND is a computer controlled device designed to eliminate the fear, anxiety and discomfort associated with dental injections.

It resembles a pen and works by controlling the flow rate of the local anaesthetic to ensure that it is slow and steady and not forceful and painful.

Reports suggest that when compared to a syringe, the numbness produced by The WAND has a faster onset, is more profound and disappears faster.
The Wand Pain Free Injection System
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