Lauren McAvoy
Britain's Next Top Model Winner
Here is a little bit about what I have been doing since winning Britain’s Next Top Model:

Since winning the show I have been very busy traveling and building up a strong client base. I have numerous agencies around the world my favourite being Elite in Miami where I spend 6 months a year working and Francina in Barcelona where I spend 3 months in the summer working. And since these are both very commercial biased markets its great having a killer smile that works so well for me, thanks to UltraSmile* dentistry and Dr Thang Nghiem. I am now just waiting to get a ‘Colgate’ campaign.

I do many TV commercials in which you must have great teeth and a great smile. I have been on a Babyliss hairdryer advert and a Nivea beauty and Pearl deodorant advert which was about having confidence. I have had a Sony campaign where I had to play around with my ‘boyfriend’ filming each other on a hot day laughing and having fun together. I have also had a ‘fit flops’ which are shoes that tone up your legs while you walk, where I had to look fit and healthy walking my dog and having fun round the shops with my girlfriends. So as you can tell I get a lot of jobs where I am promoting healthy living and confidence in which UltraSmile* has played a huge part in me getting these jobs.
I also get many fashion jobs and have been on numerous magazine covers such as Company, T3 (top gadget magazine), Sunday Express, 5th Avenue (American magazine) and Players (Spanish magazine cover). I have also had fashion stories in magazines such as Look, Instyle, Now, Grazia, OK and Sunday Supplements. I have had underwear jobs for Asda, Debenhams (modelling swimwear for Mathew Williamson etc) and Maya swimwear and many more.

Next year, I hope to work in Cape Town and Germany to broaden my client base even further. I really enjoy my job as it takes me around the world meeting new people and having new experiences everyday from runways at fashion week to catalogues in tropical destinations such as Cancun and the Florida Keys. It is amazing, I am so happy and thankful of the help I have received to get me to where I am today from UltraSmile* and all their team. I now have a smile that I never dreamt I would have, it has made me a much more confident person and helped me to progress both personally and professionally.

I hope this testimonial can help in some way. I am and will always be willing to promote UltraSmile*. It will never be a problem for me to give interviews, statements and features wherever I can help.
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