Mark Summers
Casting Director
My name is Mark Summers I am the MD/ Head Casting Director of the leading Casting companies in the UK Mark Summers Casting.

As a Casting Director, it is my job to find Actors & models for Commercial, TV, movies & Music Videos. I meet thousands of models & Actors a year. I am Casting Director to stars including Madonna, Kanye West , Justin Timberlake , 50 Cent , Robbie Williams ,Goldfrapp, Kylie , Michael Jackson , Mary J, Oasis, George Michael, Scissor Sisters, Eton John , Muse , Beverly Knight , Duffy ,Robert Plant, Corrie Bailey Ray, Mariah Carey & many many more.
In my job having a great smile is a must! And not just for models but actors too. Also it’s important to me as have I appeared on TV show as myself, including Britain’s Top Missing Model (BBC). Last year, I had a smile make over done by the brilliant Dr Nghiem, (whom I regard as the best dentist in the world), and his fantastic UltraSmile* team.

This is the best thing I have ever done in my life. I feel amazing, look 10 years younger & I am so happy that I have told every model & actor that I have met in the last 12 months, including big name actors & models. Not only is the work my teeth amazing but the whole team makes you feel so welcome, the office is so cool just like a posh hotel. Thank you so much guys. If anyone would like to see my smile & how good it looks, let me know.
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