UltraSmile Dentistry. Some observations from a grateful patient.

I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Dr Nghiem and all the staff at Ultrasmile for my recently completed and highly successful dental treatment which has been literally life changing.

I came to Ultrasmile with an exceptionally complex set of dental problems having recently recovered from a life threatening epidural abscess. There is a possibility that this abscess was related to my dental problems so that it was imperative that I undertook treatment.

Brevity precludes my giving a full description of my dental problems at them commencement of my treatment but they included two loose bridges, some advanced decay and many gaps. I was also in pain and my ability to talk and to eat food was affected.

At the commencement of my treatment I was of the view that my problems were such that I ought to have all my teeth removed and henceforth to rely on false teeth. Dr Nghiem persuaded me otherwise and explained that by using some advanced techniques such as implants and improved bridges, bone grafts , and inlays, some semblance of normality could be restored.

This has proved to be excellent advice. Dr Nghiem's unique skill, the professionalism of the staff and the quite astonishing array of techniques now available at Ultrasmile have restored my mouth to the extent that it now feels entirely normal. I have no pain, eating and speech is now normal also my upper lip which had become misshapen, has been restored to its original contours.

During my life I have encountered many dentists but none in my view has approached the skill, care and professionalism exercised by Dr Nghiem at Ultrasmile in my recent treatment.

Best wishes and thanks to all.

Martin May
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